Number 1 Vegetarian Restaurant in Nha Trang

Okale is an organic food supplier in Nha Trang. Our store is located in the city center area, so it is easy to access. Although it has only been in business for 3 years, Okale is becoming the leading supplier of safe food in Nha Trang.

We also have a small restaurant serving vegetarian dishes right at the fruit and vegetable shop.

Here are a few reasons to visit Okale:

Cozy Restaurant, Nice Decoration

We decorate the restaurant very gently, elegantly, for all diners without bringing the spiritual atmosphere like other Vietnamese-style vegetarian restaurants.

You are also not prohibited from bringing “meat food” into the restaurant, which is something that other vegetarian restaurants do not accept.

Delicious food is made from organic food from a partner farm in which we are also an investor.

Nhà hàng chay Okale
Okale Vegetarian/ Vegan Restaurant

Good Price and Many Offers for Loyal Customers

The food is very reasonably priced. We are happy to receive good feedback from our diners, our gastronomers.

You can also enjoy fresh vegetable smoothies.

Menu Okale tháng 7-2022
Our menu. $1 about 24.5K VND

If you have many people, you can contact us to booking or pre-order.

Okale Phone Number: +84912191955

If you want to buy food via delivery, also contact the phone number above.

Enjoy your meal!

Bon appetit!

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приятного аппетита


Now that you are hungry, delicious food is waiting for you

Our restaurant address: 118 Bạch Đằng Street, Tân Lập ward, Nha Trang City. Google map below:

Warmly Welcome to Okale!