Vegetarian Food and Cuisine Experiences in Nha Trang

When you visit Nha Trang city – a cozy city located Central of Việt Nam – and want to enjoy your meal with vegan cuisine or buy some vegetarian food, where do you go? Many super markets in Nha Trang can meet your demand but you cost much money for taxi while you need buy a little.

Fresh and Packaged with Organic & Quality Foods

No need to be verbose, you just need to take a walk to Okale at 118 Bach Dang street you will buy what you need easily. You will save time and do not worry about product quality.

We have a vegetable farm using hydroponic technology from Israel. Therefore, vegetables are provided very fresh, safe for your health.

Okale’s Restaurant Menu (September 2022)

Every week Okale offers promotions, discounts or offers for regular customers. The number on your bill will surprise you because each meal is worth less than $10.